Data Security & Confidentiality

Processing Personally Identifiable Information 

In the course of providing my services to you, I often process data sets that contain personally identifiable information (names & addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc) about your customers, prospects and/or contacts.

I take my responsibilities seriously so I rigorously safeguard the confidentiality and availability of the data sets that you have supplied to me. As a result, I implement the appropriate security controls and procedures so that Kernow Direct Marketing is compliant with GDPR regulations.

Use of Data Encryption

Data encryption makes data unintelligible to any person who accesses it in the case of a data breach and is recognised by the GDPR as a suitable technical measure to protect personal data.

I use encryption to ensure that all information I receive, send, store & process on your behalf is completely safe & secure.

Data Storage at Kernow Direct Marketing 

All the information that you supply to me is securely stored by Kernow Direct Marketing.

I use AES 256-bit full disk encryption on all PC’s, laptops and back- up drives .

Transfer of Data

You can easily send information to me or receive it from me by using a method that allows personal data to be transmitted electronically using end-to-end encryption.

It’s much more secure than sending by email, is fully GDPR compliant and it takes just a minute to set up

Alternatively, if I visit your premises, the personal data can be transferred to hard drives that use AES 256-bit encryption.

Online Backup’s 

Online Backup’s use 448-bit blowfish encryption ( US Military grade) and are automatically backed up with a UK provider endorsed by insurance companies. They are saved across multiple, exclusively UK-based data centres to ensure complete security.

Historic versions of backed up data are retained providing built in protection again cyber extortion and anti-ransomware threats. The service is fully GDPR compliant.

Third Parties 

I never rent or sell any of the data or personal information you supply to me. 

If you want me to send your data to a third party (eg your mailing house or another of your chosen suppliers), your explicit, written consent is required in advance.

Data Protection Registration

Kevin Williams is registered as a Data Controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

The Data Protection Registration Number for Kernow Direct Marketing is Z256306X.

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