Data Driven Solutions

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Find out more about the data-driven solutions I provide.

Whether it's a complex data migration exercise or a precisely targeted direct mail campaign, I'll devise a complete solution, perfect for you.

Using data quality tools & select data quality processing services, each project will be tailor-made to meet your requirements, with results to exceed your expectations.

Data Cleansing

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Radically improve the quality & accuracy of your customer contact data

Correct postal addresses. Remove duplicates. Create a single customer view.

Identify those who have moved or passed away. Reformat for consistency. Remove redundant information.

You'll make better business decisions & be more productive. Your marketing more effective.

Direct Mail Marketing

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Precisely target your audience with the right message at the right time

Identify those customers most likely to respond to your promotion.

Remove duplicates. Improve presentation.

Process to substantially reduce postage costs.

Prove what works & what doesn't by measuring your results.

Data Migration

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Seamlessly transfer data from your old computer system to the new one

Extract all of your valuable customer contact data from your current software application.

Transform it by data cleansing. Convert it into the new format. Upload it.

Your new software works just as it should, right from the word go.


Multi-Channel Direct Marketing

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Intelligently integrate your multi-channel marketing activity

Identify those captive customers who consistently open your emails.

Then communicate with them using just one effective channel without affecting the number your message really reaches.

You could significantly reduce your marketing costs with a minimal impact on sales & revenue.

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