Post-Campaign Analysis

Measure Your Marketing Results

Whether you’re using direct mail or email marketing, you need to know what worked for you & what didn’t. Once your campaign has completed, you’ll want a clear picture of your results because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Send me a copy of your database & I’ll provide you with an insightful Post Campaign Analysis which does just that.

I’ll compile in-depth data reports to effectively evaluate your efforts. You’ll probably learn something new so next time around you can spend your marketing budget more astutely.

Mailing Analysis report

Improve Accuracy With Control Files

If your customer base is large enough, Control Files can improve the accuracy of your Post Campaign Analysis. They help assess purchases which would still have been made even if your promotion had not taken place.

Your Control File would consist of a statistically significant number of customers who match the profile of those you are targeting. They are then deliberately excluded from your marketing communication.

The next stage is to identify the purchases of those excluded customers. By then comparing to those who were included in your marketing, totals can be adjusted to provide a far more accurate calculation of the true value of the sales generated.

The table below is an example illustrating how this works.

Campaign Analysis Using A Control File

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