Data Quality Improvement Services

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Find out more about my suite of data quality processing services. By validating, cleansing, updating & enhancing your Contact Data, you'll transform your data quality.

Better data quality can improve your marketing & save you money. It will also help you make better business decisions & enable more accurate management reporting.

Each service can be used as a `standalone' module. Or, if you need a more comprehensive data-driven solution, I'll configure a complete package custom built for you.

It's all designed to be totally flexible so you get the very best results.


Identify & remove the duplicate contacts from your database or mailing lists.

Using advanced techniques and processes modified to meet your requirements, it’s possible to find obscure matches that you’d never knew existed.

 Address Cleansing

Correct and enhance the postal addresses of your contacts by processing against the Royal Mail Postal Address File.

This improves the quality of your data & identification of duplicates and maximises postal discounts on your mailshots.

Merge Purge

Identify duplicates then merge all the valuable information together to create one unique contact record.

Applied to a single list or across multiple databases, a merge purge generates an accurate & complete Single Customer View.

  Assess Gender

The gender of your contacts can be derived by matching the forename against a names reference database.

Gender assessment can improve the precision of your marketing and the accuracy of your management reporting.

 Reduce Postage Costs

Postage is likely to be the most expensive element of your direct mail campaign.

The correct processing of your direct mailing lists can provide you with postal discounts of more than 50% as well as increasing deliverability to improve your response rates.

 Campaign Analysis

You can’t improve what you don’t measure so you need to find out what’s worked well and what didn’t work.

Next time around, you’ll have the right information so you can decide how to spend your marketing budget wisely.

Consumer Data Lists

Generate new business using Consumer Data Lists. These lists consist of prospects with profiles similar to your most valuable customers.

Remove duplicates across these lists & those who are already your customers so that you only pay for the contacts you use .

 Home Movers & Gone-Aways

Keep your database and mailing lists clean, accurate and up-to-date by identifying customers who have moved home.

Where possible, retrieve their new postal address from national reference databases so you can stay in touch .

Identify Deceased Contacts

Find customers & prospects who have passed away.

By referencing National Suppression databases you can identify & suppress those who are deceased, avoiding distress to their families & saving you time & money.

Precision Targeting

Find the most relevant contacts for your marketing communications.

Interrogate your database and select by value, geographic location, recency and other key parameters for precision targeting.

 Appearance & Presentation

Further improve the integrity & presentation of your customers' contact details on your mailing lists.

Create appropriate salutations, apply proper casing, split merged names, remove redundant data & correct faulty data.

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