Identify & Suppress Deceased Contacts

Nearly 600,000 people pass away in the UK each year & some of them will be listed on your contact database.

I can help you find those who are deceased, flag them as such and then remove them from all your marketing communications.

How to identify those who have passed away

Similar to identifying Home Movers & Gone-Aways, individuals who have passed away can be found by passing your contact database against national reference databases. These are regularly updated, cumulative lists of individuals who are now deceased. Any of your contact records who match against these lists are then highlighted so they can easily be suppressed.

To maximize the chances of identification, your contact database will be matched against multiple reference databases, each with a different information source. These include:

  • Mortascreen
  • Experian Mortality
  • National Deceased Register
  • Bereavement Register


The good news is that the costs incurred for each individual contact match is likely to be less than that of mailing them so you make an immediate cost savings & return on investment.


Due to the many benefits, suppressing your deceased customers is an important part of Data Cleansing:

  • Prevents distress to relatives & family members
  • Stops complaints to the Information Commisioner’s Office
  • Reduces damage to your brand image
  • Saves you money by reducing mailing quantities
  • Spend less time manually updating your database
  • More accurate management reporting
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