Multi-Channel Direct Marketing

Your integrated marketing strategy might include both direct mail and email marketing to promote your business.

In many cases, you’ve collected name & postal addresses as well as email addresses. If your audience is receptive, you might send them a mailshot and a promotional email too.

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Should the content of both be similar, you could view this as duplication of effort. If you do, maybe your opinion is that it does not really matter. After all, email marketing is such an effective tool because it costs so little and is quick to set up. And sending the same message through two different channels improves the chance of it being read.

Use An Integrated Approach To Reduce Your Costs 

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By embracing a more holistic approach, you can better integrate your multi-channel marketing.

It will allow you to contact some of your audience by just one proven, single channel. And by doing so you could substantially reduce your marketing expenditure without a negative impact on sales & revenue.

How Does It Work ? 

The key to making this work is identifying the email addresses that repeatedly open your emails.

I’ll then match those email addresses back against your contact database to link with a customer profile.

You could view customers who repeatedly open your emails as being part of a captive audience. They’re likely to be absorbing your message, not just reading it. They’ll probably open the next email they receive from you too. And the one after as well.

Table listing the frequency of opening emails

If that’s the case, I can exclude your captive audience from receiving direct mail without affecting the number of customers your message really reaches.

Consequently, you could make considerable cost savings because direct mail is expensive and sending emails is not.

A Flexible Solution To Meet Your Requirements

I’ll provide you with a solution tailored to best meet your multi-channel marketing requirements.

There’s plenty of flexibility in its application because you define the thresholds for whom to exclude.

The rules can be reviewed for each promotion. You decide when & how to use them because, in certain circumstances, there may be compelling reasons why a mailshot really must be sent to everyone.

Measuring Your Results 

The best way to find out what works & what does not is to measure your results.

A detailed Post Campaign Analysis will reveal how effective it is to exclude your captive email audience from being sent direct mail.

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