Change Of Address

Approximately 10% of people move home every year. Not all of your customers will tell you that they have changed address but I can help you identify who they are.

In many cases, I can also find their new address so that you can keep in contact with them.

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How to Identify Movers & Gone-Aways

Just like identifying deceased contacts, those who have moved or gone away can be found by screening your contact database against multiple national reference databases, each with a different information source. These include:

Gone-Aways (no forwarding address)

  • NCOA Suppress
  • Absolute movers
  • GAS
  • Purity

Any customers who match here are flagged on your database so they are suppressed on your mailing.

Home Movers (with forwarding address)

  • NCOA Update
  • GAS Reactive

In this scenario, any customers who match have their postal address details amended on your database before they are mailed at their new residence.


You could make savings instantly because the cost for identifying each customer who’s moved is likely to be less than mailing them.

But there’s even better news because only 30% of undeliverable mail is returned to sender. That means you’re likely to continue saving money on every subsequent mailing too.

As a result, identifying Movers & Gone-Aways is an essential element of Data Cleansing.


  • Improved delivery & response rates from your mailings
  • Reduced costs because fewer contacts are mailed
  • Better data quality
  • Remain in contact with more of your customers
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