Consumer Data Lists

Recruit New Customers With Prospecting Lists

If you want to find some completely new customers, I can help you source the most suitable Consumer Data lists. These will consist of carefully selected contacts with profiles similar to your most relevant customers.

Reputable List Brokers supply the names & addresses of these prospects from Opt-In databases of consumers. Dependent upon their origin, you can contact them by direct mail, email or phone.

Whatever your communication channel, I’ll process these B2C Consumer Data lists to provide you with valuable insights and help save money on your customer acquisition campaigns.

Man being converted from a prospect to a customer

Net Names Arrangement

If you use two or more prospecting lists from different sources, multiple entries of the same person or household may be present.

Given that there can be considerable variations in the unit cost of each list, I can reduce your expenditure so that you only pay for the prospects you actually use.

Specifying a deduplication hierarchy controls how these multiple entries are removed. By allocating the highest priority to the cheapest Consumer Data list and the lowest priority to the most expensive one, I only retain the Contact from the lowest cost source if a duplicate is identified. This can provide significant cost savings especially if there are high rates of duplication.

ranking rental lists by cost

Identify Your Most Valuable Prospects

A contact who is present on two or more of your prospecting lists is often called a `Multi-Buyer’. You may conclude these are your very best prospects, with an increased likelihood of buying from you.

If so, I’ll identify these Multi-Buyers if you want to priortise them by targeting first or with a different message.


On completion of processing, I’ll supply you with a detailed report which provides a breakdown of the quantities input and output for each consumer data list.  This will help you assess the effectiveness of each list during your Post Campaign Analysis.

If you have agreed a Net Names Arrangement, the report also provides the quantities to calculate payments to your Broker.

An example of a deduplication report

Suppress Your Customers

If any of your customers are present on your prospecting lists then they’ll be removed, ensuring that you only contact prospects.

Likewise, as standard practice, I’ll also remove those prospects who are listed on any of your Suppression or Do Not Contact files.

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